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Maximus From Brotherhood Of Steel Was Suspected Of Putting Razor Blade In His Companion Boot In “Fallout”

Maximus was a resident of NCR before joining the Brotherhood of Steel.

In the Fallout TV series, suspicions arise that Maximus, a Brotherhood of Steel member, placed a razor blade in his close companion Dane’s boot.

He is one of the three protagonists of the Fallout series, the other two being Lucy and The Ghoul.

Maximus is a complex character in the series who has a cynical sense of self-preservation and does not always act honorably.

Aaron Clifton Moten, an American actor, brings the character of Maximus to life in the Fallout series.

Maximus Is Not Responsible For Dane Getting Hurt From A Razor Blade In Fallout Series

Maximus was once a citizen of the New California Republic, living in the town of Shady Sands in the Fallout universe.

After the destruction of Shady Sands, Maximus was found and admitted to the Brotherhood of Steel by a Brotherhood member in power armor.

In the Brotherhood of Steel, Maximus meets Aspirant Dane, who becomes his only closest friend there.

Moreover, before the wasteland mission, suspicions surfaced that Maximus tries to hurt Dane by putting razor blades in his boots.

The suspicion arises because the razorblades severely wound Dane, which stops him from venturing into the wasteland.

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Additionally, when the Brotherwood member investigates Maximus for this incident, he admits feeling jealous when Dane receives a promotion to squire instead of him.

While Maximus admits to feeling jealous and wishing for the sabotage to happen, he denies any direct involvement in the act.

Maximus’ honesty and the lack of evidence against him helped to clear his name for this suspicion.

Furthermore, the razorblade incident turns tragic in the series when Aspirant Dane reveals an interesting twist in the finale of season one.

In The Finale Of Fallout Season One, Aspirant Dane Confesses To Self-Sabotage

Actor Xelia Mendes-Jones portrays Aspirant Dane in the American TV Series Fallout.

Dane is an aspirant of the Brotherhood of Steel and Maximus’s only friend because they both are outsiders for not being born into the Brotherhood like Thaddeus.

In the television series “Fallout,” the razor blade incident remains a mystery throughout the season, creating a sense of suspense.

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The series finally puts an end to this mystery when Aspirant Dane confesses that she harmed herself with the razor blade.

Dane admits that fear and feeling of being unready to start the mission to the wasteland prompted her to act that way.

This confession clears Maximus of suspicions and marks a turning point in their relationship despite the initial mistrust.

Furthermore, at the end of the season, Maximus becomes the hero of Brotherwood of Steel, leading the mission into the wasteland.

Additional Information

  • In the Fallout series, Maximus and Knight Titus share a deep connection rooted in their membership with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • During the Shady Sands’s destruction by a nuclear weapon, young Maximus survived by hiding inside a milk vending machine.
  • The Fallout series is the adaption of the role-playing game having the same title.
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