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Matt Sturniolo is Alive and Actively Sharing his Creative Content In Media

Matt Sturniolo is four minutes older than his younger brother, Nick.

Matt Sturniolo is one of the Sturniolo Triplet brothers who recently came to the spotlight after his fake death following their TikTok Video prank.

Matt Sturniolo, known as Matthew Sturniolo, is an American TikToker, YouTuber, and social media personality.

Matthew creates entertaining vlogs, challenges, and other content alongside his siblings, Christopher and Nicholas.

In addition, Matt is also seen to be involved in a Brand Management organization called Z Star Digital.

Matt Sturniolo Becomes the Victim of Poison Prank Video by Sturniolo Triplets

Matthew Sturniolo and his triplet brothers were born on August 1, 2003, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Matt shared his joyful life with his elder brother Justin and his triplets in the stunning city of Massachusetts.

Matt and his brothers shared their life and adventure experiences through social media, bringing creative and entertaining content to the audience.

Recently, some TikTok posts surrounded the media with the news of Matthew’s Third Death Anniversary.

According to some of the TikTok posts, Matthew was murdered by his brother Nick, who is in prison for this crime.

Thankfully, this was one of the dark jokes by TikTok users, as Matt is alive and happily living his young life with his brothers.

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Furthermore, this rumor about Matt spread when Sturniolo Triplet posted a TikTok video titled “Poison Prank.”

In the video, we can see Matthew eating poisoned food made by his brother, leading to his death.

The video was clearly made for entertainment purposes only. However, some users use it to spread rumors and create sensations online.

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Despite internet rumors about his demise, Matthew still focuses on his professional life to create fresh content for his followers.

Matt and his triplet brothers manage the TikTok account Sturniolo Triplets (@sturniolo.triplets), a primary source of their income.

In addition, Matt has his own TikTok account with approximately 6 million followers, where he displays his unique talents.

Overall, the Sturniolo brothers are living fulfilling lives, maintaining a strong presence in the media through YouTube and TikTok.

Additional Information

  • Matthew Sturniolo’s father, James, and mother, Marylou Sturniolo, also appear in some of his family videos on YouTube.
  • Besides content creation, the Triplet brothers own a merchandise line including apparel and other branded products.
  • The Sturniolo brothers unite together to create the videos, with Nick editing, Matt driving the car, and Chris coming up with the ideas.
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