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“Buying London” Cast Oli Hamilton and His Wife Avia Solomon Embraces Cultural Diversity

Oli Hamilton and Vivi has been married for five years.

Oliver Hamilton, known for his appearance on the show Buying London, celebrates a rich blend of cultural backgrounds with his British wife, Avia Solomon.

Oliver, Oli Hamilton, known for his role in Buying London, is a luxury real estate agent who works for DDRE Global and has been in the industry since 2022.

He was happily married to Avia Solomon, and they have been together since 2019.

Oli Hamilton’s wife, Avia Solomon, aka Vivi, is a talented makeup artist who has worked with renowned personalities such as Selena Gomez.

She has a significant social media following, with over 197k followers on Instagram and around 20k followers on TikTok.

Avia Solomon’s Multicultural Roots and Her Union with Oliver Hamilton

Professional make-up artist Avia Solomon was born on March 12 in London, United Kingdom, and holds British nationality.

As Oliver Hamilton’s wife, Avia’s multicultural roots come into play. Their marriage itself represents a fusion of cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, the show Buying London highlights their relationship and cultural backgrounds, suggesting that they value their diverse heritage.

Regarding Avia’s parents, it appears that her mother or family connection is Solomon Orly.

This is assumed from the posts on Instagram where Solomon Orly has shared various pictures of Avia and Oli Hamilton, referring to them affectionately as “my love.”

Moreover, Solomon Orly shared an image of Avia Solomon and Oliver Hamilton on Instagram, accompanied by the caption:

Happy anniversary to you! You are an example of couples who can do everything together and have fun! Everything is possible who love 🙌 God bless you take care of everything and every day 🙏🙏 always with you and love you unconditionally 💙💙 (I wish Chelsea to win always 😂)

In an Instagram post featuring Avia Solomon’s wedding photo, Solomon Orly captioned it with the phrase “always thank… you.”

The image shows Avia holding hands with the man on her right side. This gesture suggests a close connection between Avia and the man, likely indicating a familial or significant relationship.

Adding to the intrigue, Oli has posted a picture of the same person, referring to him as ‘father,’ which hints that he might indeed be his father.

However, besides these Instagram posts, Oli and Avia have not publicly mentioned anything about their parents.

Additional Information

  • Oliver shared that he had been struggling with alcohol and drug dependency.
  • He has about 15 years of experience in prime residential estates.
  • Oliver celebrated six years of sobriety in January 2024 and openly credits his wife, Avia, as his biggest supporter during his journey to recovery.
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