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“The Steel Toe Morning Show” Host Aaron Imholte’s Journey from Radio Personality to Infamy

Aaron Imholte's ex Saint Larue is a successful and respected author.

Aaron Imholte is the radio personality better known as the host of The Steel Toe Morning Show host on “Rockin’ 101” WHMH-FM in St. Cloud.

He is also a stand-up comedian and has a lengthy radio career. The internet personality spent significant years building his show.

However, Aaron gained notoriety for his previous offensive comments on an Iowa female host, Heather Lee.

Aaron Imholte’s Emergence from Central Minnesota to “The Steel Toe Show

The radio personality, Aaron Imholte, previously entertained audiences as a host at the Central Minnesota Morning Show for almost a decade.

Born on December 23, 1986, the 37-year-old Aaron, with the passion and love for radion and storytelling, envisioned creating a morning show.

Not many of you might know, but Aaron previously went by Jared Fogle. However, later, he chose to reinvent himself as Aaron Imholte.

Regardless of initial challenges, he made progress after confirming a slot on the local radio station for The Steel Toe show.

Over time, the show garnered significant attention, establishing him as a radio personality.

The host revealed that he has an estranged relationship with his parents and family. According to a stream in February 2023, Aaron’s parents disowned him.

Aaron doesn’t speak to his ex-wife, April Imholte, or his parents, while his ex, Saint Larue, now has a sound relationship with them.

His ex-wife, April, recently faced personal legal hurdles with her live-in boyfriend, Lawyer Nick Rekieta.

Not many of you might know, but Aaron was also a financial advisor working in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Aaron Imholtes Remarks on Heather Lee, The Rise of His Notoriety

In nearly no time, he became infamous after his offensive comments about KAZR Des Moines morning co-host Heather Lee during his show.

The internet personality made inappropriate remarks about Lee, claiming she used racist language during her private time.

In response to the controversy, Aaron resigned on November 25, 2020, and took the trademarked The Steel Toe Morning Show to Twitch. Tv.

Following his departure from WHMH-FM, he continued broadcasting the show on Twitch and is still doing so with various regulars, including Adrian, Karl, and others.

On the other hand, Lee wasn’t offended; however, they did not accept the negativity spread on a media platform.

After the controversy surrounding his comments about Lee, Aaron apologized on Facebook, admitting that he upset many people and that it wasn’t his intention.

Likewise, The Steel Toe Morning Show host had applied for a position in Des Moines offered by Lee; however, he claims he never wanted that position.

Additional Information

  • Aaron Imholte and his ex-wife Ashley Larue share three children.
  • The radio personality spent 7 years building a massive following for his morning show.
  • The Steel Toe Morning Show has garnered over 12.5K subscribers on YouTube.
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