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One Piece 1113 Spoilers: What To Expect From This Chapter

Eiichiro Oda, the brilliant mind behind One Piece, has decided to take a nearly month-long break following the release of Chapter 1111.

One Piece Chapter 1113 spoilers reveal that the Straw Hat crew continues their journey to uncover the ancient history of the world, the truth about the Void Century, and the significance of the Poneglyphs.

There’s currently a break in the manga schedule, so One Piece Chapter 1112 isn’t out yet.

Similarly, Chapter 1113 won’t be available for a while, either. However, the spoilers of One Piece 1113 have surfaced on the internet.

In the previous chapter, the clash between Luffy and Gorosei took an unexpected turn.

Likewise, the spoiler hints at some intriguing upcoming moments in the next chapter relating to the fight.

Moreover, the highly anticipated chapter 1113 will officially be released only on April 29, 2024, after the month-long break.

What Will Happen In The One Piece Chapter 1113?

Dorry and Brogy might team up with Luffy to fight the Gorosei since their immense strength could even beat the odds.

Similarly, another straw hat pirate intervenes, or a new power awakens within Luffy, allowing him to escape Ju Peter.

We might also see Zoro’s new technique, such as the new black lightning attack, and its impact on Lucci.

Zoro also likely sustained significant injuries during the fight. We might see him needing medical attention.

Talking about Sanji, he has a successful escape plan using the Thousand Sunny protected by Usopp’s barrier.

Perhaps other allies on Egghead Island come to the Straw Hat’s aid, helping them escape the Marines.

Gorosei’s reasons for personally intervening in the Egghead will also be revealed in the 1113 episode.

Moreover, The Gorosei might use their powers to manipulate or erase evidence to protect World Government secrets.

One Piece Chapter 1113 Spoilers Reveals Vegapunk’s Message

Vegapunk makes a world-changing reveal, so the remaining content of his message will be unveiled in this chapter.

The message could potentially shake the World Government’s foundation. However, due to the chaos, the message’s broadcast could be interrupted or delayed.

Similarly, the message can completely change the public’s perspective of the government and the Gorosei.

One Piece 1113 Spoilers
Dr. Vegapunk has pre-recorded a message announcing, to tell the truth.

Further, it may unveil secrets related to the Void Century, an ancient civilization shrouded in mystery. 

The suspense builds as Luffy takes a daring stand to protect Vegapunk amidst the chaos on Egghead. Moreover, Vegapunk’s life hangs in the balance, wounded by formidable foes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Interesting Theories Or Speculation About 1113?

Fans have been speculating on various topics, including the resemblance between Ganfall from Skypeia and Marcus Mars and Whether Justice Lucci will heal from Zoro’s scar.

What’s The Status Of One Piece Chapter 1113?

Chapter 1113 is currently on a three-week break after the release of Chapter 1111 on March 25, 2025.

Who Is The Illustrator And Writer Of One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda is the writer and illustrator of the famous manga series One Piece.

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