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Sundance London Tour 2022

The Sundance Film Festival: London Tour brings the best of the festival to cinemas all across the UK. Join us at Belmont for 3 special screenings, followed by recorded Q/A sessions.

A Love Song

Showcasing the immeasurable talents of both of its leads, A Love Song paints a heartfelt portrait of yearning and the passage of time, set amongst an unadorned American landscape.

  DIRECTORMax Walker-Silverman
  RUN TIME82 mins

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

Nancy Stokes, a retired schoolteacher, is yearning for some adventure, and some love making. Good lovemaking. And she has a plan: she hires a young coupling worker named Leo Grande.

  DIRECTORSophie Hyde
  RUN TIME97 mins
Sarina Thapa
Sarina Thapa
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