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Sideline Reporter Julia Morales Addresses Rumors of her Leaving Houston Astros on Twitter

Morales has been recognized with four Emmy Awards for her contributions to the weekly show Astros Bases Loaded.

Julia Morales is not leaving the Houston Astros as she continues to be an integral part of the Astros’ broadcasting team.

Julia Morales Clark, a talented sports anchor and reporter, has been an integral part of the Houston Astros’ broadcasting team for nine seasons.

Her work includes sideline reporting, pregame and postgame talk shows, and providing insights during Astros games.

Recently, there is a rumor circulating about her potential departure from the Astros, but she swiftly addressed them.

Julia Morales Continues Her Role with the Houston Astros, Dispelling Speculation of Leaving

As of 2024, Julia Morales has not announced any plans to leave the Houston Astros. She continues to be a prominent sports anchor and reporter for Space City Home Network and the Astros’ sideline reporter.

The speculation sparked among followers and fans after Julia posted a tweet that read, “My first and last visit to Mount Davis,” leading to questions about whether she is leaving the Astros.

Fans flooded her post with comments, expressing concern and curiosity. Many wondered if this meant she is bidding farewell to the team.

After this, Julia promptly clarified the situation by responding, “The A’s are leaving! Not me.”

Her clarification effectively dispelled the rumors. She reaffirmed her commitment to the Astros, assuring fans that she is not leaving the team.

Recently, on May 13, 2024, Julia Morales made history with Jenny Cavnar. They became the first two women to do the play-by-play on television.

Their historic broadcast covered a Major League Baseball game featuring the Houston Astros against the Oakland Athletics.

Additionally, there was a fun switch of roles for one game where she and Todd Kalas swapped places. Morales did the play-by-play, and Kalas took on-field reporting duties.

This indicates her ongoing active role with the Astros broadcasting team.

Julia Morales as a Pillar of Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Excellence

Julia Morales is a prominent figure in sports broadcasting, known for her role as a sports anchor and reporter. 

Morales began her television career at KTEN-TV in Denison, Texas, and then worked as a weekend sports anchor/reporter for KYTX-TV in Tyler, Texas.

She served as a reporter for Time Warner Cable News in Austin. There she covered major events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, and the College Baseball World Series.

Her dedication to sports journalism and broadcasting has made her a respected and influential figure in the field.

Additional Information

  • Julia is the daughter of Victor M. Morales, the 1996 Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Texas.
  • She is married to former MLB player Matt Clark, son of former pitcher Terry Clark.
  • They welcomed their daughter, Valerie Rose Clark, in September 2020.
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