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The Asunta Case Reveals The Harrowing Journey And The Unthinkable Truth Of Adoptive Parents

Shooting for this mini-series took place in Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.

The Asunta Case mini-series involves Asunta’s tragic death, her adoptive parent’s arrest, and their subsequent conviction for her murder.

The Asunta Case (El caso Asunta) is an upcoming crime thriller miniseries by Bambú Producciones.

It is based on the true story of the murder of Asunta Basterra Porto, which took place in Spain in 2013.

The series delves into the investigation of her death and the subsequent trial of her adoptive parents.

Additionally, the investigation unfolds as her parents seek answers about her disappearance and the subsequent discovery of her body.

The following sections of this article reveal key plot details from the miniseries The Asunta Case.

Dramatization Of The Horrific Real-Life Event The Asunta Case Story Plot


The Asunta Case

Inspired by true events.


Release DateApril 26, 2024
CastsCandela Peña, Tristán Ulloa, Javier Gutiérrez
WritersRamón Campos, Jon de la Cuesta, Gema R. Neira
DirectorJacobo Martínez

The Asunta Case is a disturbing real-life murder of Asunta Basterra that has been adapted into a Netflix mini-series.

The plot follows the investigation after Asuna’s parents, portrayed by actors Candela Pena and Tristan Ulloa, reported her missing on 21 September 2013.

Moreover, it tracks the investigation after Asunta’s parents reported her missing, and her body was subsequently found.

The series aims to provide a detailed account of the investigation the shocking revelations that emerged, and the actions of Asunta’s parents.

Moreover, it delves into the twisted turns of the case, where the investigation eventually sets its sights on the troubled parents.

The series covers the events leading up to the tragic incident and the aftermath.

While the series is based on true events, it is a fictionalized account and may take creative liberties in its storytelling.

The creators aim to provide a narrative that respects the subject’s sensitivity while still engaging the audience in the complex layers of the case.

It’s expected to be a gripping watch for fans of true crime and investigative dramas. So, if you enjoy crime dramas with a touch of reality, this miniseries is worth adding to your watchlist.

A Tragic Tale Of Adoption, Betrayal And Murder In The Asunta Case

Asunta Basterra was a 12-year-old girl adopted by Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra.

Asunta, originally named Fang Yong, was adopted from China and brought to Spain, where she grew into a gifted child, excelling in school and speaking six languages.

However, on January 5, 2013, Alfonso uncovered his wife’s cheating while checking her emails. Subsequently, on the 8th, they argued and decided to separate.

Despite their mutual agreement that Alfonso would take care of Asunta, the situation turned dark, leading to a tragic outcome.

Here, tragedy struck when Asunta was found dead near a road outside Santiago de Compostela in September 2013.

The investigation revealed that Asunta had been sedated with a powerful drug, Lorazepam, before being strangled.

The police turned their attention to her adoptive parents, who they later arrested and charged with her murder.

Rosario was in charge of buying the drugs, and both parents supplied them to Asunta for at least three months before her death.

During the trial, they pleaded their innocence, but the evidence pointed to their involvement.

Later, the court found them guilty of her murder and sentenced them to eighteen years in prison on October 30th, 2015.

Tragically, officials found Rosario Porto dead in her cell at the Brieva Penitentiary in Avila while she was serving her.

Official reports indicate that she took her own life in cells. On the other hand, Alfonso Basterra is still serving his time in prison.

Moreover, the case drew significant media attention and public shock in Spain due to the nature of the crime and the involvement of the adoptive parents.

Additional Information

  • Asunta Basterra was one of the first Chinese children to be adopted in Galicia, Spain.
  • There will be total 8 episodes in this series.
  • Asunta Basterra Porto was adopted at the age of nine months by her Spanish parents.
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