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Colin Bridgerton Develops Feelings for Penelope, Debunking Gay Rumors

Colin Bridgerton is the third children of eight Bridgerton siblings.

Colin Bridgerton, a character from the Netflix historical series “Bridgerton” based on Julia Quinn’s novels, is speculated to be gay; however, the storyline debunks the rumors.

Actor Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton in the historical series Bridgerton, is making rounds online as Season 3 unfolds the story of Colin and Penelope.

Following his recent drastic transformation as the heartthrob on Bridgerton Season 3, Luke is tangling over the web of several speculations, including having plastic surgery.

Colin isn’t gay, disproving the Hypothetical Twist that Could Transform the Storyline

Season 3 of the Netflix series Bridgerton unfolds the love story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, discrediting the rumors surrounding his sexuality.

Following the release of Season 3 of Bridgerton, the audience has been going gaga over his onscreen bond with Bridgerton co-star Nicola Coughlan.

If you ask where the baseless rumor stems from, it ignites from playful tweets expressing frustration about Colin’s apparent failure to recognize Penelope’s charm immediately.

The tweet reads,’

Colin Bridgerton has to be gay or something because how did he not look at penelope and immediately marry her. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY BOY

Likewise, a Reddit discussion that talks about diverse opinions surrounding LGBTQ+ among the Bridgerton siblings also intensified the speculations.

Some noted that the show might be significantly different from the books as Shonda Rhimes has the creative freedom to introduce same-sex relationships if desired.

Others discussed the contractual commitment orders each Bridgerton sibling to end up with their partner, similar to the books.

Luke is straight and not into guys in real life also, let alone his onscreen character Colin in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Offscreen, the actor has a history of relationships with celebrated faces, including Welsh actress Jade Louise Davies.

Jade and Netwon shared several glimpses of their love, including attending the premiere of Season 2 of the series.

However, the former power couple parted ways in early 2023 after dating for about four years.

Rumors suggest that Luke now dates Antonia Roumelioti, a model and dancer. They were previously spotted spending quality time in Los Angeles.

Having said that, neither Luke nor Antonia has gone public about the relationship on public to date.

Colin Realizes his True Feelings for Penelope in the First Part of Season 3

After spending the summer in the countryside, Penelope returns to London for a reason. Whereas Colin also returns from his European travels to London.

He catches the attention of every girl except Penelope, whose feelings are hurt after overhearing him say that he would never court her.

Realizing the impact of his words, Colin offers to help her find her husband. As she practices her courting skills, Penelope catches the eye of Lord Debling.

That’s when Colin and Penelope’s relationship takes a passionate turn after his attempt to find a husband for Penelope backfires.

Realizing Penelope is more than just a friend to him, Colin confesses his intense feelings for Penelope.

The iconic carriage ride and their passionate kiss hinted at a potential marriage proposal. However, the scene ends before Penelope can give her answer.

The second half of Season 3 of the series seems to bring more thrills and excitement.

Penelope’s secret as Whistledown and Eloise’s reaction to their newfound relationship promises an interesting storyline.

Fans can look forward to seeing how these plotlines unfold in the upcoming episodes of the second part.

Additional Information

  • The first part of Season 3 of the Netflix series Bridgerton was released on December 25, 2020.
  • The second part of Bridgerton Season 3 will be released on June 13, 2024.
  • The American historical romance TV series Bridgerton has bagged several awards, including two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.
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