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What did Tom Brady say to Jeff Ross? Brady’s Angry Reaction During Netflix’s Roast Show

It seems that the subject relating Robert Kraft was a sensitive one for Brady.

During a Netflix roast titled “The Roast of Tom Brady,” Tom Brady had a not-so-pleased reaction to a joke by comedian Jeff Ross. He approaches Ross and tells him not to repeat that again.

The show, featuring Tom Brady, aired live on Netflix on May 5, 2024, as part of the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ comedy festival in Los Angeles.

Hosted by Kevin Hart, it featured comedians and surprise guests who roasted Tom with jokes about various topics from his career and personal life.

Jeff Ross, known as the “Roastmaster General,” was one of the comedians who roasted Brady during the special.

However, Tom Brady did not accept one of his jokes about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Jeff Ross Made a Joke Referencing the Old Scandal During the Show

During the Netflix show, Jeff Ross made a joke about the massage parlor scandal, which involved the Patriots CEO Robert Kraft.

In January 2019, Kraft faced charges of soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. Later, he pleaded not guilty and apologized publicly for the incident.

Eventually, all the charges against him were dropped after the court’s decision that the video evidence was not admissible.

Moreover, Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback, was not involved in the scandal.

Ross started the roast by imitating a conversation between Brady and Kraft. As Brady said, “I’m the best decision your organization has ever made.”

Further, Ross, then playing Kraft, responded, “Would you like a massage?

The joke did not sit well with Tom Brady, who approached Ross on stage while delivering it and Robert was in the audience.

Brady whispered, “Don’t say that s**t again,” to Jeff, which the mics captured at the event.

Further, Brady’s reaction to a joke about Robert Kraft during a Netflix roast has sparked a mix of reactions. 

Some fans commend Brady for standing up for Kraft, while others feel that Brady should have been able to take the joke.

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Nonetheless, Tom Brady showcased his sportsmanship as he gracefully laughed off the sharp-witted barbs from a lineup of comedians.

Tom shares a longstanding relationship with Robert that goes beyond the typical player-owner dynamic.

So, Brady was clearly sensitive to the subject and wanted to ensure that it wasn’t brought up again in that context.

Additional Information

  • The Tom Brady roast also included other jokes surrounding his divorce, past relationships, Spygate, Deflategate, and more.
  • Brady is one of the greatest quarterback of all time, with numerous NFL records to his name.
  • Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and Brady formed a trio that led the Patriots to six Super Bowl victories.
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