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The Ghoul Is Still Alive After 219 Years In Fallout Series

Ghoul is the only survivor in the post-apocalyptic world with past life memories.

In the Fallout universe, Cooper Howard turned into a Ghoul after exposure to high radiation. Since Ghouls age much slower than humans, he is still alive after two hundred years.

Fallout (2024) is a drama series set in a post-apocalyptic future following a nuclear fusion that destroyed human civilization.

Cooper Howard, who later turned into The Ghoul, is a rugged survivor who navigates the desolate wasteland in search of resources.

He was able to survive the apocalypse and is still alive after 219 years, leaving behind his wife and daughter.

The Yellow Liquid Vials In Fallout Help The Ghoul Not To Turn Into A Feral Ghoul

In the Fallout universe, the mysterious yellow vials play a crucial role in the survival of the character known as The Ghoul.

The Ghoul, portrayed by Walton Goggins, is a significant character in this show, along with Lucy and Maximus.

After someone becomes a Ghoul, their condition worsens over time; however, they are not immortal.

So, the Ghoul in Fallout survived for so long in the post-apocalyptic world only because he consumed the special yellow liquid.

However, the show has yet to elaborate on the vial’s origins, and their purpose remains somewhat mysterious.

Some big organizations in Fallout, such as the Enclave, Big MT, and the Vault-Tec, conduct scientific experiments that may have produced the mysterious yellow liquid.

Additionally, Ghoul has memories of life before the nuclear devastation, so his flashbacks provide a glimpse of the pre-apocalypse world.

Ghouls highly seek after these yellow vials in the Fallout due to their unique properties.

Furthermore, these yellow liquid vials help Ghouls avoid transitioning into Feral Ghouls akin to zombies in both behavior and appearance.

Typically, when someone becomes a Ghoul, their condition deteriorates over time. However, these vials seem to slow down that process.

Moreover, as revealed in episode 3 of the series, Cooper’s work as a mercenary in the past provided him with a steady supply of these vials.

Similarly, as one of the original Ghouls, he’s an exceptionally rare case, considering his prolonged survival.


  • Ghoul’s flashback show the glimpses of his wife Barbara, and their daughter Janey, who are not present in post-apocalyptic world.
  • His wife Barbara was a high-ranking executive at the Vault-Tec Corporation, which makes vault to survive the apocalypse.
  • The Ghoul was a prominent Hollywood actor before the Great War of 2077.
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