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American Idol Winner Abi Carter’s Parents Were Separated When She Was Young

Abi Carter's mother, Andrea Carter, played a significant role in shaping her career.

Abi Carter, who won American Idol Season 22, has been tight-lipped about her father. However, she attributes everything she has achieved so far to her mother.

Born in 2002 in Indio, the 21 years old Carter has always had a knack for singing and music since her early days.

The singer suffered from Bronchitis during the final judgment episode of the American Idol. However, she proved everyone wrong with her amazing comeback.

In fact, Carter, who started her American Idol journey with a rendition of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For,” has now earned a record deal as the winner.

Abi Carter and Her Father has an Estranged Relationship

The audience has been curious about Abi Carter’s father as he remains out of the picture.

In fact, the singer has always been always guarded when it comes to her dad. Reportedly, Abi’s father and mother separated their ways when she was just three.

So far, little to no information about her father is available online. The singer has also successfully concealed the details about him from the prying eyes of the media.

Carter has also not mentioned him elsewhere on social media or at public events. Henceforth, the details surrounding his father remain ambiguous.

Mother, Andrea Carter, Also a Singer, is Abi Carter’s Biggest Cheerer

Abi Carter’s mother, Andrea Carter, left no chance to make Abi Carter or any of her siblings feel the absence of a father figure while growing up.

Following her parents’ separation, her mother, Andrea, joined the school back in 2016 to support them.

She took to her Facebook to announce her acceptance from California State University San Bernardino.

Andrea was reportedly a singer, so it is no surprise that Carter was born with singing skills.

Her mother had been singing to her around the house to make her sleep from a young age. Thus, it is fair to say she inherited much passion from her.

Andrea gifted her daughter a keyboard when she was young. Hence, Abi’s inclination toward music led her to become an ace on the instrument.

You can watch the mother-daughter duo singing their hearts out on their YouTube channel, Abi Addict.

Andrea has been her biggest cheerer through thick and thin. The 21-year-old singer acknowledges her mother’s unwavering support in every event, whether small or big.

American Idol Winner Abi Carter was Brought Up in a Musical Household

Abi Carter isn’t the only member belonging to the singing fraternity. In fact, singing was in her genes.

The story goes back to even before her birth when a nurse described Carter as humming through the ultrasound during one of her mother’s visits to the hospital.

Growing up, Carter honed her skills by singing in church and participating in talent shows and local competitions.

She was so into singing that it got to a point when Carter accidentally lost her voice because of a regular occurrence.

The American Idol winner’s musical journey took a turn for good when she got into piano.

Carter’s ability to play the instrument led her to ace it quickly and earn several awards from composers such as Shostakovich.

However, her breakthrough came from the moment she entered American Idol, which shoved her into sudden media scrutiny.

With growing prominence as the winner of the American Idol, Abi Carter’s net worth is also estimated to increase substantially.

Additional Information

  • American Idol winner Abi Carter is the one of the seven siblings.
  • She earned a degree in psychology from California State University San Bernardino.
  • Abi Carter’s brother Daniel Carter is a YouTuber.
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