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“Blood of Zeus” Season 3 Spoiler Shows Heron’s Fate Changing Either Way

Zeus sacrifices his own life to save Hera and got almost killed by the Giants Leader.

Season 3 of Blood Of Zeus will be a short wait. Just one day after season 2’s epic finale, where Gaia was seen disappointed and angry, and fans were already buzzing with theories about the next chapter.

After its dramatic and tragic end, it shows how every Olympian’s future is uncertain.

The death of Zeus showed the terrifying power vacuum that will throw Olympus into unmatched chaos.

Season 2 showed how the Elseusian stone was broken, unleashing the Titans from their slumber, and the Olympians became no longer worthy of the power they used to hold.

Moreover, Season 2 faced criticism for its late release, i.e., three and a half years. But season 3 is already set to release just a year later, i.e., 2025.

Spoiler Alert: The following article might reveal about the key plot details which may happen in the next sequel of the series Blood of Zues.

Return of Twelve Titans Might be Followed in Season 3 of Blood of Zues

After Heron’s deed, the plot might take the viewers to the underworld, which is said to be disturbed by the Titans.

Here is the full list of 12 Titans God list who might appear in season 3.

Lapetus The son of Uranus and Gia, brother to Kronus, and the father of Atlas and Prometheus.
Theia Greek goddess of sight and vision who is endowed with gold, gems, and silver.
Hyperion Titan of heavenly light and father of the dawn, Moon, and Sun.
Oceanus Son of Uranus and Gaia and the god of freshwater.
Tethys Daughter of Uranus and Gaea, sister to Kronuis, and wife of Oceanus.
Crius Crius was the god of constellations and was also assumed to be the pillar of the South.
Themis Goddess of law and represented law, justice, and order.
Mnemosyne Goddess of memory and the mother of artistic inspiration.
Phoebe Goddess of intellect is also responsible for granting knowledge to both mortals and gods.
Coeus Coeus was the god of intellect and the axis of heaven.
Rhea Goddess of fertility and motherhood who eased childbirth for women.
Cronos Crius was the god of constellations and, was also assumed to be the pillar of the South.

All 12 Titans were taken down by Zeus and other gods after a long 10 years of battle and spent their afterlife underground.

If they all appear after Zeus and Heron’s absence, the Olympians will be in trouble while fighting them.

Titans Might Kill Some Gods

Titans, who were defeated by Zeus and others almost after fighting for 10 years, show how strong Titans are.

Titans might first target Hermes because he is the messenger of the gods. Killing him ultimately cuts off the communication between another god making Titans easier to fight.

Blood Of Zeus Season 3 Might Reveal Heron’s Fate and His Search for Zeus in Afterlife

Heron, the secret son of Zeus Heron’s (Jason O’Mara) action, will lead him to the way of the underworld, where he will be judged.

Considering Heron’s brave deeds and his uncle Hades betrayal, it’s doubtful he would end up in Tartarus.

Moreover, if Heron ends up at Tartarus, he might also search for his father, Zeus, who is currently being chained in his afterlife punishment.

While Titan may be approaching to fight the Olympians, Heron may have a chance to free his father’s detention.

However, it will not be as simple as it seems. Releasing a deity who is spending his afterlife punishment will undoubtedly have consequences.

It might drag Heron into unknown danger, delaying his attempts to bring back his father.

Additional Information

  • Blood of Zeus is based on Greek mythology, which revolves around the consequences of Zeus blood and actions.
  • Charley and Vlas, the writers of the series, said that Blood of Zeus has the potential to run for five seasons.
  • The series writer also hinted that Medusa might appear in the next season.
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