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Vicious Villian Sheila Carter’s Dramatic Return After Near-Death Experiences

The Bold and Beautiful brought Sheila Carter for unexpected twist and turn in series.

On the recent episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, fans were shocked to learn about the unexpected twist the series took. They found out their most hated character, Sheila Carter, who was told to be dead, is actually alive. 

After nearly two months, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), who was killed in the series, made her surprising comeback in the series.

The episode shows Steffy Forrester stabbing Sheila Carter to death, which brings the reign of terror of daytime’s most notorious villain to an end.

In short, the dastardly villain Sheila Carter was said to have been killed in the February 26 episode.

Disclaimer:The article contains spoilers from the April 29 episode of the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Roller Coaster OF Sheila Carter’s Fake Death Is No More Suprise For Fans

Sheila Carter is often considered one of the most hated and popular villains in the daytime, leading Kimberlin Brown to be nominated for the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

She is said to have more than nine lives on The Bold and the Beautiful as she has been defying death for decades. But fate was on her side this time.

After her many near-death experiences, on February 26, Sheila died at the hands of Steffy Forrester. But fans denied that she was dying and might make another appearance in the series.

The fans were questioning whether Sheila Carter is leaving The Bold and Beautiful cast. Several actions also unfolded after Carter’s dramatic exit from the show was shown.

But the writer had other plans and was ready to surprise the viewers with another twist and plot in the March 29 episode.

The Writer Crafted A Surprise Comeback For Sheila Carter

The show’s writer always mastered the faking death of Sheila, and so did in the February 26 episode. And because of her fake death in the past, fans were also not convinced that Steffy killed her.

Fans were wild on Twitter and started to make posts about it. One of the Twitter shared a meme GIF to convey his/her suspicions about Carter’s death and wrote;


The theory of fans was true in the recent episode, which explored the Kimberlin role that most people love to hate and is not dead after all.

Fans saw it coming and were also ready to see another dramatic appearance of Sheila in the series.

While most of the fans were surprised about her return, even Kimberlin was surprised that she was called up to the series again. She expressed,


She continued saying that she might be in the show again because her fans, who made everything go viral, might be the reason for the wake of her role as Sheila has again faked the death.

So, were you the one who saw Sheila’s comeback two months after her fake death, or were you among those fans who went crazy over her return?

Additional Information

  • The role was introduced in 1990 in two soaps, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Kimberlin portrayed the role until 2006 when the character underwent plastic surgery and was taken over by Michelle Stafford.
  • The history of Sheila revolves around her conflict with Lauren Fenmore, whom she had attempted to kill multiple times on different occasions.
  • Deacon and Finn found the unconscious body of Sheila.
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