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Warren Glowatski’s Separated Parents Had a Complex History

Warren Glowatski was released on parole in 2010.

Warren Glowatski, one of the individuals involved in the tragic homicide of 14-year-old Reena Virk in 1997, didn’t have a sound relationship with his parents.

He resurfaced online following the release of Hulu’s Under The Bridge, showcasing the true story of Reena Virk’s homicide.

A group of teenagers attacked Reena Virk, 14, at a gathering in Saanich in 1997. Later, Warren Glowatski and Kelly Ellard continued the ruthless beating before pushing Virk’s body into the waterway.

It was only after eight days that the authorities discovered her lifeless body.

Warren Glowatski Had an Estranged Relation With His Parents

One of the two convicted individuals, Warren Glowatsk’s parents, were separated in 1996, resulting in him having an estranged relationship with them.

At the time of the Virk’s homicide, the teenager was living alone in his father’s trailer.

On the other hand, his father lived with his new wife. That said, Warren did receive financial support from his father.

To make things worse, Warren’s mother was an alcoholic who he hadn’t seen since their divorce.

Undoubtedly, he had a disturbed childhood; however, that doesn’t stand as an excuse for Warren’s actions.

Despite these challenges, the Virk family’s willingness to seek healing through forgiveness speaks volumes about their resilience and humanity.

Unfortunately, the names and whereabouts of his parents remain behind the picture. Any trusted news source hasn’t highlighted them so far.

Thanks to Canadian nonfiction writer Rebecca Godfrey‘s investigative book that shed light on Warren’s troubled childhood.

Rebecca grew up in the same neighborhood where Virk and Glowatski were from.

Hence, this is one of the reasons she decided to pen an investigative book titled “Under the Bridge” about Virk’s homicide.

The writer reportedly interviewed several people involved in the horrifying event, including Warren. That’s when she came to learn of Warren’s troubled childhood.

Warren Glowatsk Had a Complex Journey Since That Fateful Event

After getting convicted of second-degree murder, the 16-year-old Warren was sentenced to life in prison in June 1999.

He became eligible for parole after seven years. While in prison, Warren actively participated in rehabilitation programs.

Not to forget, Warren met with Virk’s parents, Suman and Manjit, several times and showed signs of being responsible.

Virk’s father, Suman, said that Warren learned much from the experience and took responsibility.

Later, in June 2007, Warren was granted day parole, allowing him to live outside of prison in a halfway home while reporting to his parole officer regularly.

As of now, he is no longer behind bars. Warren was released on parole, with restrictions prohibiting him from associating with known criminals.

His journey from participating in a horrific crime to seeking forgiveness from Virk’s family highlights his willingness to change.

Additional Information

  • One of two convicted individuals of Virk’s homicide, Kelly Ellard changed her name and goes by the name “Kerry Marie Sim.”
  • Kelly Ellard, now Kerry Sim, welcomed her first child while in prison.
  • Likewise, Kelly gave birth to her second child in 2020.
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