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Who does Lord Debling Marry in Bridgerton? Short Romantic-Meet with Penelope Featherington

Once friends might be a couple in the second part of the series.

Just a day into the release of season 3 Bridgerton, all eyes are on Lord Debling’s romantic life. This season shows Debling as the potential lover of Penelope Featherington.

The first four episodes highlight Colin Bridgeton and Penelope’s romance that never gets properly addressed.

The second season wraps up when Penelope overhears Colin saying he was never in love with her, which breaks her heart.

Besides that, Lord Debling only appears in one episode, but his short meeting with Penelope makes her believe she truly wants to marry him.

Spoiler Alert: This content might reveal the spoiler about the first part of the season 3 of Bridgerton .

Lord Debling Gets Hurt Knowing Penelope Featherington Has a Soft Corner for Colin Bridgerton

The vegetarian and conservationist Lord Debling meets Penelope for a very short time, but they get along because of their unique way of opening up.

This season shows that both of them want to get married, as Lord Debling starts to develop feelings for Penelope.

Penelope also agrees to marry him after realizing it could work in her future favor.

Since Debling is often away for long periods due to his job, she might have the freedom to follow her own dreams and interests.

In the third episode, Debling romantically saves Penelope when she is about to be hit by a hot-air balloon.

But here’s a catch! Although Colin declared he would never marry Penelope in a million years, he now falls in love with her.

Just as Colin is about to reveal his deeper feelings to Penelope, Lord Debling cuts in and invites her to dance, leaving the moment hanging.

Then, in the last episode, Debling asks Portia Featherington for permission to propose to her daughter for marriage.

Debling begins to suspect that Penelope has second thoughts about their relationship when she questions whether love can grow gradually.

With his doubts, he goes to Cressida on the dancefloor and realizes that Penelope is still in love with Colin.

With this, he confronts Penelope that he wouldn’t love someone who already has feelings for someone else.

Before walking away, Lord Debling says,

Whatever it is you are seaching for, i hope you find it.

Finally, the incomplete love story of season two might have a fairy tale ending in season three.

After Debling exits, Colin and Penelope remain on the stage, giving them a chance to share their feelings with each other.

This leaves fans to consider whether Penelope might marry Colin in the second part of Bridgerton, especially since he is about to confess his love.

Additional Information

  • Bridgerton is the romantic series which revolves around Regency era in England.
  • The show is about the eight siblings who are in search for their loved ones.
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