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Netflix Series “Super Rich In Korea” Delves into Net Worth and Glamour of Aren Yoo, A Fashion Enthusiast, and an Influencer

Aren Yoo's second favorite place to visit at her house is roof top, first making her closet.

From meeting renowned celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Bruno Mars, to visiting different corners of the world, she uses her excessive net worth well.

Aren has already marked her career and started earning by herself as an influencer.

Aren Yoo Adds up her Net Worth as a Korean Client Ambassador

The 25-year-old Aren Yoo, a.k.a Yoo Hee-Ra, is a popular model and fashion enthusiast. She has also successfully built her career as a TikTok star.

With her lavish lifestyle, Aren Yoo’s net worth is most likely around $10 million.

Aren is not an ordinary internet influencer. She works as a bridge for several international brands that are seeking to collaborate with Korean celebrities.

Aren has also appeared in the world’s most renowned fashion events, thanks to her role as the only high-end client ambassador for a global artist.

Moreover, she discussed her luxury habits in the series and said she doesn’t wear the same dress twice.

A home tour of Aren can be easily found on YouTube. Her villa seems worth multi-millions, from her lavish living rooms to the infinity pool seen in the video.

Moreover, she has worked with many international brands, including Armani, and was invited to attend the couture week.

Enjoying parties, attending the biggest fashion events, and flaunting the most luxurious brands from head to toe shows her wealth.

Additional Information

  • Super Rich in Korea series has 5 rich people living their lavsh life.
  • The series has total six-episodes streaming on Netflix.
  • Cho Sae Ho, BamBam and Mimi are the co-host and Yuh Woon Hyuk is the director of the series.
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