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Love Island Cast Leah Kateb’s Hourglass Figure Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Love Island USA cast Leah Kateb is a vegetarian.

Leah Kateb is an emerging internet personality who rose to the limelight after appearing on Love Island USA Season 6. Meanwhile, her mesmerizing beauty has sparked theories surrounding plastic surgery.

Leah, born November 28, 1999, is a Persian whose parents immigrated from Iran to Los Angeles, California.

She is a newbie in the entertainment industry who first appeared on the Love Island reality show, which premiered on June 11, 2024.

The audience rushed in to share their opinions on Leah being a doppelganger of the Shameless star Emmy Rossum.

Fans Theorize About Leah Kateb’s Potential Plastic Surgery Amid Rising Fame

The 24-year-old Love Island USA cast Leah’s flawless beauty and aura have captivated the audience in nearly no time.

She couldn’t escape the prying eyes of the eagle-eyed audience who have ignited theories about getting medical procedures.

Although Leah hasn’t confirmed having undergone any medical procedure, her prominent hourglass body says otherwise.

The earliest picture of Leah on her Instagram dates back to 2019. Compared to before-and-after pictures, there is some subtle to prominent change in her facial and body features.

Her prominent hourglass figure with curves at the right place is speculated to be the aftermath of a BBL(Brazilian Butt Lift).

It appears that Leah uses lip fillers because her lips look plump compared to her previous pictures on her social platforms.

Similarly, netizens theorized Leah’s other facial features also suggest the potential use of brow lifts and Botox.

A user on Tumblr under the username blackleopardgirl wrote,

LEAH KATEB, that body like, cmon! (Yes, I know it’s a BBL, but it looks good from the side and back!

Similarly, a username kerrbehr also commented “BBL on her Instagram photo uploaded over two years ago in April 2022.

Having said that, neither has she ascertained nor denied the theories concerning her going under the knife thus far.

Whatever the case, Leah undoubtedly continues to mesmerize everyone with her talent and beauty.

Additional Information

  • Love Island USA Season 6 Leah Kateb’s first language isn’t english, but Parsi.
  • Leah is still a student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in California.
  • The Love Island cast, Leah, is a huge pet lover. She owns three dogs, three horses, and a few pigs.
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