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Sherri Papini Has a Surprising Net Worth Despite Claiming Poverty

Sherri Papini's maiden name is Sherri Graeff.

Sherri Papini is the mastermind behind fabricating her abduction, who pleaded guilty in 2022. While details about her career are unknown, she has a sound net worth and maintains a luxurious lifestyle.

Sherri Papini was born to parents, father Richard Graeff and mother, Loretta Graeff, on June 11, 1982.

Her husband, Keith Papini, filed for divorce from her after pleading guilty to charges and can’t seem to forgive her for deceiving him and their children.

The Hulu docuseries “Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini” will premiere on June 20, 2024, and showcase the events concerning Sherri’s case.

Sherri Papini’s Net Worth Constrats Modest Court Claims

Meanwhile, Sherri Papini lives in a mansion worth $755,000, which her boyfriend, Shawn Hibdon, a widowed auto dealer from Orland, California, paid for.

According to reports, Shawn purchased the property not long ago, early this year, in January 2024.

Let alone a brand new home; the convicted fraudster also drives a brand new Jeep SUV.

The mother of two told the court that she pays $500 in rent while making only $1000 monthly as a “consultant” in an LA-based literary agency.

The four-bedroom home reportedly has a monthly rental value of $3,294, more than six times what Sherri claims to pay.

Sherri didn’t stop there; she even demanded a handful of items from their marital home, including Grandpa’s truck, a smart TV, an inflatable water slide, and more.

Keith previously awarded Sherri only $10,000 during their divorce. She was also requested to pay half of the $3000 deposit she had made on a BestBuy credit card.

Considering all the facts above, Sherri Papini’s estimated net worth is $200,000, provided by her wealthy boyfriend, Shawn Hibdon.

That said, the estimates mentioned above may not account for all her assets and might vary in figure.

Despite modest claims made at the court, she appears to have a luxurious life.

Regardless of having a sound life with her boyfriend, who boasts a robust financial situation, the 41-year-old Sherri claimed poverty during the April 2024 filing.

Despite having what seems like living a sophisticated life provided by her boyfriend, Sherri forced her ex-husband Keith to pay her $30,000 to cover her legal fees.

Keith, however, refused to pay her legal fees, stating that he was struggling to meet ends after losing his job in Best Boy’s Geek Squad.

Not to forget, Sherri allegedly used the almost $50,000 donation amassed through the “Bring Sherri Home Safe” GoFundMe page.

Sherri Papini’s Current Pursuits: From Writing to Building a Foundation to Help Others

Sherri Papini is now an author who is reportedly working on two books at the moment.

According to the supervised visitation conducted on January 17, the disgraced mother unfolded the exclusive details when her children asked what she was doing for work. She answered,’

Mommy’s also an author now. She’s writing two books. I work lots of hours to write chapter books. So, when I tell you I’m working remotely, that means I’m at home writing chapters on my laptop.

Likewise, Sherri also told her 9-year-old daughter that she is interested in starting a business that will help people. She further explained saying;

Well, this place [a supervised visitation center] is very helpful for families. Well, Mommy is building a foundation to help places like this more. Mommy is making a business that will be a foundation to help people.

Sherri’s limelight stems from her publicity stunt surrounding the faking of her disappearance in 2016.

Given the nature of her case, detailed professional information about Sherri hasn’t been quite the focus of netizens.

Also, her profession before the case wasn’t widely publicized; therefore, little to no information surrounding her career is available online.

Having said that, Sherri had a sound life with her ex-husband Keith Papini and children Tyler and Violet Papini in Redding, California.

Additional Information

  • Sherri Papini and her husband, Keith Papini, married in October 2009 and divorced in 2023.
  • Keith Papini has sole custody of their children, Tyler and Violet. However, as of March 2024, Sherri is allowed to see her children only during one-hour visits under supervised visitation.
  • Sherri Papini didn’t participate in the upcoming docuseries “Perfect Wife” regardless of the filmmakers’ several attempts to contact her.
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