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“The Idea Of You” Star Nicholas Galitzine’s Rumored Romance with Cameron Valentina Sparks Curiosity, but the Wedding Bells Remain Silent!

Nicholas Galitzine is everyone's crush right now.

Nicholas Galitzine, known for his roles in romantic comedies, hasn’t disclosed his private life romance yet. However, rumors indicate he may be dating model Cameron Valentina.

Galitzine made his acting debut with the film The Beat Beneath My Feet (2014), where he starred alongside Luke Perry.

However, he gained notable recognition with movies like Purple Hearts (2022) and Red, White & Royal Blue (2023).

Nicholas has shown his versatility in acting with diverse roles in multiple films from his debut to the present day.

Recently, a romantic drama film starring Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway, The Idea of You, was released on May 2, 2024.

Heartthrob Nicholas Galitzine Softly Unveils Romance With His Rumored Mysterious Muse

Nicholas Galitzine has always kept his private life secret and has not shared any official information about his dating status.

However, he recently shared a picture of himself holding someone’s hand on his Instagram story, evoking excitement about his rumored girlfriend.

Many fans believe this is a soft launch of his relationship, and he’ll soon reveal more information.

Further, as of the latest updates, there are rumors that he may be dating Moedel and dancer Cameron Valentina Eyre.

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A post shared by Nicholas Galitzine (@nicholasgalitzine)

The hand that he’s holding in his Instagram picture could potentially be her, but it is not officially confirmed.

Nicholas and Cameron have been seen together frequently, which led to online gossip about them dating.

Moreover, these are just fan’s speculations, and neither of them has confirmed this news yet.

Nicholas Galitzine Has Also Been Romantically Linked With His Co-stars

Nicholas is often linked with his costars, especially because he shares a strong on-screen bond with them.

In the past, there were rumors about Galitzine dating his Chambers costar, Lilli Kay, after the release of the Netflix series in 2019.

Similarly, Nicholas developed a close friendship with Camila Cabello after starring together in the 2021 musical adaptation of Cinderella.

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A post shared by Nicholas Galitzine (@nicholasgalitzine)

Likewise, the amazing chemistry between Nicholas and Sofia in the Netflix movie Purple Hearts 2022 sparked dating rumors.

Most recently, he has been working closely with Anne Hathaway in the romantic film The Idea of You.

Their on-screen chemistry has been well-received by the audience. Similarly, Nicholas has spoken highly of Hathaway, describing her as an extremely radiant, beautiful human being.

Additional Information

  • Nicholas Galitzine is very adventerous as he enjoys exoploring outside, horse-riding and off-roading.
  • Besides acting, Galitzine is also a talented musician who sings and plays the guitar which was his first passion.
  • Nicholas Galitzine has studied martial arts, which adds to his diverse set of skills.
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