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Youssef Khater’s Dark Story Revealed on “Worst Roommate Ever” Marathon Man Season 1

Youssef Khater’s family has distanced themselves from him due to his fraudulent behavior.

Youssef Khater, whose dark story is featured in the docu-series Worst Roommate Ever: Marathon Man, was last confirmed in Denmark in 2018, but his current location remains unknown.

Youssef Khater is a Danish man of Lebanese origin who was convicted of attempted murder and fraud.

He was born to Palestinian parents in Denmark on March 19, 1978.

At the age of 28, Khater served for a decade in the Royal Danish Navy but was discharged for fraud.

Youssef Khater, The Elusive Con Artist Last Seen in Denmark

Youssef Khater was last seen in Denmark in 2018. It’s concerning that he hasn’t been spotted or heard from since then. 

Sef-proclaimed marathon runner Khater was engaged in scamming people in South America and Denmark for decades. In Chile, he attempted to kill his housemate, Callie Quinn, and was arrested.

He has promised creditors that he would give Callie a bag of cash to pay off his debts, but instead, he buried her alive. Fortunately, Callie survived and fought for justice.

Although he confessed to hitting her in the head, he claimed he didn’t intend to kill her. A judge found him guilty of attempted murder and fraud, sentencing him to around 600 days.

Youssef Khater is a Danish individual who was involved in several criminal cases. (Source: WordPress)

After his release, Chilean authorities deported him to Denmark, where he faced additional charges.

Then after, Youssef portrayed himself as a Palestinian marathon runner and convinced local leaders to finance his trip from Denmark to Brazil and ultimately to Santiago.

Additionally, he continued his villainous activities in Costa Rica under various pseudonyms, including Josef Maria.

He then got into a relationship with a Canadian woman and manipulated her into lending him money.

Moreover, the Canadian woman lost $19,000 before discovering his real identity. In return, he attempted to kill her with a pillow but spared her life at the last moment.

Khater has a dark history of criminal activities spanning across continents. Despite these serious cases, he received only a minimal sentence.

Likewise, Youssef Khater made waves in the third episode of Netflix’s gripping docuseries “Worst Roommate Ever: Marathon Man.”

This documentary crime thriller series originally aired on March 1, 2022, featuring four crime stories, including Youssef Khater.

Additional Information

  • Palestine local leaders sponsored Khater to run a marathon with $8,000 to enter the race but he stole the money instead.
  • Domini Hofmann directed the Netflix true crime series “Worst Roommate Ever: Marathon Man.”
  • The second season of this series is set to premiere on June 26, 2024.
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