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“Train” Co-Founder Charlie Colin’s Melodic Odyssey With His Family

Charlie Colin started playing guitar around the age of eight while living in Virginia.

Based on an Instagram mention handle, it is inferred that Charlie Colin‘s spouse’s name may be Laura, and they possibly have two kids.

Charlie Colin was a founding member and former bassist of the pop-rock band Train.

He was best known for his hits Drops of Jupiter and Meet Virginia and played a significant role in the band’s early success.

Sadly, he passed away at the age of 58 after slipping in the shower, leaving behind his kids and a wife.

Note:The information provided herein has been sourced from an Instagram post and its accompanying caption.

Laura’s Vital Support to Charlie’s Musical Career and Recovery

American Musician Charlie Colin has not often publicly shared details about his family, preferring to keep this aspect of his life private.

However, he has occasionally posted pictures with his partner and children on Instagram.

The Instagram posts suggest that his wife’s name may be Laura, as indicated by a now-unavailable mention of @lauramariebooth.

He was engaged to Laura in 2017 and shares two children: daughter Elle Baskurt and son Oliver Baskurt.

Charlie has posted a photo with Laura and captioned it:

Just looking at a few of my favorite pictures/ memories traveling, & here @home with my gorgeous gal. Feeling absurdly blessed

Yet, there is no report of their marriage or any photo on social media confirming their marriage. Although they were once engaged, it appears that they have since separated.

As per Instagram Post, Charlie Colin was in a relationship with Allison Lovus, and their relationship began around 2021.

Allison Lovus had a stepdaughter named Serena Lovus, and together, they formed a part of the family.

Additionally, Colin has shared photographs with his daughter on Instagram, where he tagged the username Skyler Ruby.

He formally introduced his daughter with the caption:

“this is my gorgeous daughter Skyler Ruby. ~ Although she hasn’t been raised under my own roof I’ve never loved anyone more in my entire life, and she makes me more proud every day.”

This action further indicates his willingness to share select family moments with his followers while generally maintaining a private stance on family matters in public domains.

Moreover, the tagging of specific usernames suggests a personal connection and potentially reveals the names of his family members.

Charlie Colin’s Harmonic Journey With “Trains”

Charlie Colin’s most significant contribution was as a founding member of Train, the band that formed in 1993.

He played on the band’s first three albums, including their Grammy-winning hit “Drops of Jupiter.”

His unique bass playing and beautiful guitar work helped get folks to notice Train in San Francisco and beyond.

Unfortunately, in 2003, Charlie Colin was fired from Train due to substance abuse issues after an emergency meeting.

Despite the challenges, he contributed to music, playing with other bands and forming new projects.

We remember Charlie Colin for the rhythm he brought to our lives through his music with Train and the passion he shared with the world.

We express our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Charlie Colin.

His music touched our souls, and his legacy will continue to resonate through the rhythm he brought to our lives. May his soul rest in peace.

Additional Information

  • Charlie moved to Brussels, Belgium, where he taught a music master class after leaving “Train”.
  • The album “Drops of Jupiter” performed well, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard 200.
  • Charlie Colin collaborated with Scott Underwood to form the duo Food Pill in 2002.
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